Monday, February 6, 2012

Every Day Can Be Valentine’s Day


I love February because it contains Valentine’s Day…the day set aside to tell people we love them.

But shouldn’t we really be doing that everyday?

Of course, but we forget…until someone or something reminds us to do so.

That reminder came to me the other day via email. It was totally unexpected and totally a surprise but very much appreciated. It made my day…no…it made my month…maybe even my year.

The email came from a colleague of mine. We are both members of the National Speakers Association and we chat briefly whenever we see each other at a meeting, which hasn't been for a long time. That’s what made the email even more special. A “love letter” out of the blue.

Here is what my speaking-buddy wrote:

Hey Pal,

I was just in Las Vegas at a conference of credit counselors and after the event a woman came up to me and told me all about you.  I listened quietly and did not interrupt her as she told me about your work, your books and what a loving soul you are.  She then told me about how much someone like me could learn from you.  I agreed and I shared with her then that you have always been a hero of mine and that I had met you and highly respected you.  She then asked me if I'd ever told you what an impact you'd had on my life and career and I said no so she told me to write to you!  I do what I'm told, but I'm embarrassed not to have done it before.

It's funny my friend - I don't think I've ever told you.  It is important to me that you know what a cornerstone you have been in my career and how much I've admired you and your work over the years.  Thanks so much for all you've done for all of us who aspire to be as good as you are on the platform and off.


            You’re a good man, Allen.

Of course, my head is swelling with such praise. But that is not the reason I've shared the email with you. I share it because I want you to write your own “love letter” to someone who has influenced your life. Someone who has made your life better. Someone, perhaps, who you have never acknowledged before.

And don’t wait until February 14th to do it. Write the letter now, and to others throughout the year. Make every day Valentine’s Day.

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