Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Me and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


Wednesday, November 15, 2023

MidMonth Mirth Memo, November 2023


"Prepare for mirth,

for mirth becomes a feast."

-William Shakespeare


The Mid-Month Mirth Memo is a short amusing tidbit to brighten middle of the month monotony. It is brought to you by best-selling author, award-winning speaker, 

"Jollytologist" ® Allen Klein 


Thanksgiving Table Setting for the Month:

Question of the Month:

If we are not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light on in the refrigerator?

Meal of the Month:

Confession of the Month:

I had the slowest, most rude, and nasty cashier at the supermarket today.

I'm done with using self-checkout.       
Sign of the Month:


Funniest Performer of the Month:


Smiley Face of the Month:

Great Big Jollytologist® Story of the Month:


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Book of the Month:

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month.
If you know of someone who has lost a loved one, this might be the perfect gift for them.

A Gentle Guide for Growing Through Grief

“It may take some time to find laughter after a loss…sometimes it’s only an inner chuckle. But…it is there to provide a momentary respite from our grief…to show us that indeed life goes on in spite of our loss.”
-from Embracing Life After Loss

The 5 Steps for Going from Loss to Laughter

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