Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In the Broadway show, Flower Drum Song, there is a number called “A Hundred Million Miracles.”  While I am not sure about there being a hundred million, I am continually amazed at all the highly improbable events that happen in my life on a regular basis. I probably shouldn’t be so surprised at them because they happen so often, but I am.

I’ve begun documenting these and call them “Mini-Miracle.” Below are three examples.

Mini-Miracle #1.
I recently went to see a singer I really like, Liz Callaway. She did an entire evening of Stephen Sondheim songs except for one that was a parody of a Sondheim song. Callaway introduced the composer of the parody, who was in the audience.

I enjoyed the song so much that at intermission I went over to the song writer and told her how much I liked her work. It turns out that many years earlier, at a professional speaker’s meeting, when she was just a beginning speaker and wanting to incorporate her own songs in her talks, I had encouraged her to keep writing. Obviously she did and is now having her work performed by other professionals. My connecting with her again, in such a chance encounter, was a miracle to me.

More recently, I was visiting Tucson where I attended a Sunday service at Unity spiritual center. Not one but two Mini-Miracles happened there.

Mini-Miracle #2.
As I was approaching the front door, a young man came down the path. Amazingly, I had met him only one other time in San Francisco. And here we were, practically in the middle of the dessert and we meet again. 

Mini-Miracle #3.
At the Unity service, after I got up to say my name and be welcomed as a new comer, a board member took the microphone and announced that they had a celebrity in the audience, meaning me. He went on about how he has read all my books and how he has been a fan of mine for years. I truly felt like a celebrity. Especially when I went into the bookstore and the woman behind the counter remarked how honored she was to meet me and that it gave her chills. (I guess giving someone chills in hot Tucson is a good thing.)

I’d love to hear about your Mini-Miracles. And stay tuned for more of mine…a hundred million miracles minus three to go.

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